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40 Years After The Horrific Accident That Killed Vic Morrow And Two Child Stars


"Twilight Zone - The Movie": 40 Years After the Horrific Accident That Killed Actor Vic Morrow and Two Child Stars.


Twilight Zone: The Movie, based on Rod Serling's classic TV anthology series, was released forty years ago, on June 24, 1983. Unfortunately, the film is mostly known for the horrific behind-the-scenes accident that killed actor Vic Morrow, and child actors Renee Chen and My-ca Dinh Le.

A Closer Look


From a creative standpoint, the scene from Twilight Zone: The Movie that was filmed during Vic Morrow's fatal accident was added to the script to give a "softer" texture to his bigoted character Bill Connor. The intention was also to allow Connor some redemption, while fleeing from American attacks on a Vietnamese village, he notices two orphaned children.

Because of the tragic incident that took the lives of Morrow, who was the star of the 1960s TV classic, Combat, and Renee Chen and My-ca Dinh Le, all scenes with the children were edited from the movie. Consequently, Connor's originally scripted ending was kept in, leaving Connor somewhat vacant, without a conscious.

Morrow's Last Words

According to and actor Dick Peabody, Vic Morrow's co-star, and friend from Combat, while Morrow was waiting to shoot the Twilight Zone film sequence that took his life, he allegedly expressed his anxiety about filming the scene and thought he should have requested a stunt double.


some nine years before, in 1974, while Morrow was making the movie, Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry, he insisted on signing a $1 million life insurance policy before he would film any sequences involving a helicopter. Allegedly, he had a premonition that he would die in a helicopter crash.

Other Conclusions

As a result of the helicopter accident that killed Vic Morrow and his two young co-stars, Steve Spielberg, executive producer of Twilight Zone: The Movie, ended his friendship with the film's director John Landis.

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