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Being active at Kiosk Social awards you points and points convert to cash.

Currently, free members can earn 100 points a day, and pro members up to 1500 points per day, These points have a current value of $1 per 10,000 points that will be improved as we begin selling more advertising on-site.

Point rewards focus heavily on creating content and and social interaction because these will drive search traffic which means more advertising displays, more click through, and a greater number of both advertising sales and affiliate commissions.

Our end goal is to have point rewards be very lucrative for content creators, especially those adding optimized blog content and you can boost the activity of your content through use of our various upgraded memberships.

In the attached image you can see what the current point values for various actions are on Kiosk Social as of 01/14/2024. You can check the most recent points rewards by clicking your profile image on the upper right of the page and selecting POINTS from the drop-down menu.

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I'm new to Kiosk Social, therefore, I'm looking around.

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The Importance of a GREAT PROFILE:

As of January 03, 2024 I have been doing affiliate marketing for 20 years and started before the advent of much of what is Social Media with only a few places like the Original MySpace and the early versions of Facebook in the game. Instead, we had community forums like AdlandPro and Yahoo Groups where I started my Affiliate Journey as an admin.

One common element since day 1 of Social is the profile and while the abusers and bad apples of the world have scared many into hiding behind fake names, fake profile pictures, and fake details of all types this is a business and you are here to make money.

Offline if you showed up to your Law office in a clown suit claiming to be Bozo The Clown, your client listed would be a deserving 0 with a matching bank account. After all P.T. Barnum is no longer with us R.I.P.

It is important to fully fill out your profile with all valid information and a great face photo of the real you. These elements alone will start you miles ahead of millions of utter failures in line for success and begin building our trust in you.

Your About info should be a bit of you mixed with a clear definition of your niche. A Niche is the direct sub-category of Home business or Make Money Online super niche markets you target. If you are trying to attract all of MMO as a niche you are likely reaching none of MMO as a niche except a few traffic exchange visitors who are looking down for a second instead of at the timer.

If you can afford $10 a month to upgrade to our lowest package you can even submit your ID Document for Verified Member status to further build trust. Sadly the labor cost to do this task is a lot when you figure this site is destined for tens of thousands to millions of members.

Upgrading also allows you to further attack your niche with blogs that are keyword interlinked to like content, pages, and groups all of which can establish you as an expert, and featured profiles and posts content to get you seen by more than just your friends.

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Kiosk Social Now offers payouts in USDC Crypto Currency for those who prefer to not use PayPal or who do not have the popular processor available in their country. A $50 minimum Earnings will be required to cash out and a 5% Fee will be applied.

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Earning Cash as an Affiliate of Kiosk Social is possibly the most awesome perk of membership but it takes a few things to be really good at it.

The first thing as some of our members are prepositioned for is social proof. The more upgraded members seen by new recruits the more recruits want to upgrade. This is especially effective if you are using pro member tools like boosting your posts to appear at the top of feeds and searches and using sticky posts on your profiles, pages, and groups to put your best content and offers first.

You will find that the more active you are on the site as well, the more active your referrals will be too. This is why touting Points Rewards and the earnings potential creators have as both content specialists and affiliates themselves is something you should be doing with every new member.

Be sure to welcome your team and welcome all new members you can. Make contacts and friends, and be proactive in commenting and sharing other people's posts and you will find a massive following for all you do here.

Right now your mission is to click the Affiliate Link on your home page and bring at least one new friend to Kiosk Social today.

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Blogs at Kiosk Social allow Affiliate Links, which means cold hard cash for YOU!

Affiliate marketing is Modern Commissioned Sales and offers you a commission or percentage of the final sale price for introducing customers to businesses. Successful affiliates know that this does not require an ounce word of selling.

Instead, you develop what is called a customer avatar figure out the kinds of problems your ideal buyer has, and then fill the needs with blog posts that provide answers and offer related solutions (products) the buyer may use to address these needs.

That is where blogs come in. You build a following and solve problems for them and those solution-based products will sell as your trust grows. Social Blogs like Kiosk Social's in-house blogging platform have a built-in captive audience mechanism and can be promoted using promoted content tools in our Pro Upgrades. It has never been easier to get your blog posts seen and read.

Check out this sample blog post and see if you can spot some great affiliate opportunities. Think of products, services, and even coaching you could earn from.


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Affiliate Marketing vs. Dropshipping: Understanding the Pros and Cons

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Learn to promote using affiliate links. We will be providing general and site-specific training materials in this group.