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New Twitter poll for US Residents... If WW3 broke out tomorrow which leader would you choose to lead our troops.

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Arizona Patriot Center now has it's blue checkmark and is giving the likes of Katie Hobbs, Criminal Joe Biden, and that Hack Letticia James who is the most racist and gender-biased AG in America hell on Twitter. Come join the fight at https://twitter.com/azpatriotcenter
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I Andrew K. Anderson of Roll Arizona and Owner of the AZ Patriot Center proudly offer my endorsement to Kari Lake the next U.S. Senator from Arizona for her bravery under fire as she faced down the media in challenges to the 2022 elections which were declared by the media as legit, the courts unquestionable, but all who watched corrupt and rigged.

As a U.S. Senator Kari will continue to champion this cause, border security, water and land use rights, the 2nd Amendment, and more issues dear to conservatives everywhere. Her shoot-from-the-hip style, matched with a never-back-down attitude will continue to expose a corrupt press corps, the crooked DOJ, and the total hatred of the left for American values. We need not candycoat the fact we are at war for our children's future.

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WOW, Mega MAGA Win, Kari Lake of Arizona announces her Senate Candidacy and same night is endorsed by President Trump. This is a virtual record, most presidential candidates hold endorsements until deep in a race and candidates are not used to having such tremendous support from day one. Mark Lamb, please understand it is not anything AGAINST YOU. Please consider being America's candidate for Arizona Governor against Corrupt Cartel Katie Hobbs in the recall election that is past overdue.

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Let's talk about taking Social Security Private. When I listen to the Farce Union AARP designed to control the minds of seniors on important issues under the lie of informing them I see a steady stream of rant about Republicans wanting to take away your benefits and end Social Security. That is 1000% a lie and they know it.

Taking Social Security Private takes control from a Congress that has tapped into the funds and now refuses to pay them back accelerating the decay of a system designed with a fail point in mind and proposed as a temporary fix.

Social Security was always going to fail and the Democrats planned it that way to be a stepping stone like Obamacare into Socialism and eventually Communism. The Democrats including Joe Biden are the only ones proposing to reduce benefits and on the charge for raising the retirement age to prolong the failed system that will vanish if nothing is done in my lifetime.

The big lie is that people on Social Security or nearing retirement will lose their benefits. This is not part of the plan, if you are on or near retirement the first thing you are guaranteed is your SSI will not be touched. The new system starts with those who have 20 or more years left until retirement and works similarly to an IRA or employer's 401K.

Your money is yours to keep and no company or GOVERNMENT touches it until it is disbursed at that point you pay your fair share of taxes. With the private system invested in things like growth stocks, business innovation, and bond funds to cover infrastructure it will grow interest at nearly 5 times the rate of the bond-only funding of the Social Security pool.

You would still be advised to invest in your own 401K plans and IRAs, but every mandatory dollar would work for you without limitations and you would not have layer upon layer of oversight and red tape eating dollars off the top before your hard-earned benefits are paid. You can retire earlier and your cash is secure.


AZ Patriot Center is a planned community to provide grassroots tools and platform direction to conservative candidates in Arizona.

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