Kiosk Social Affiliate Program Pay Plan

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How the pay plan at Kiosk Social can put dollars in your pocket with little to no costs to you.

DISCLAIMER: Numbers given in this example are not typical and not all affiliates will obtain success. We offer training and tools to give you the best chance at success but ultimately each person owns their results.



How the Pay Plan Works at Kiosk Social


An Affiliate is not an employee of Kiosk Social and may not present themselves as an employee. Instead, an affiliate is an independent business owner not guaranteed a salary or hourly wage. Instead, affiliates work on a commission basis to send traffic to the website which results in membership sales. Our offers range in price from $5 to $599.98 and commissions range from $1 to $120 per direct referral purchase.

Kiosk Social offers 3-tiers or levels of commission paying 20% on direct sales, 15% when your referrals refer a sale, and 10% if their referrals make a sale. In all we pay a total of 45% of membership upgrades back to members.

EXAMPLE 1: You Refer Mary who buys a Pro Advertiser Yearly Verified Account at $599.98 a year you earn a 20% or $120 Commission.

EXAMPLE 2: Mary brings in Cindy who Also buys a Yearly Advertiser Account earning Mary $120 and you a 15% or $90 commission even though you did none of the work.

EXAMPLE 3: Cindy brings Ralph on board who makes the same purchase, Cindy gets $120 or 20%, Mary gets $90 or 15%, and you get $60 as the tier 3 sponsor.

*Numbers are not exact and are rounded to the nearest dollar for these examples.

Members must be in good standing, all payments are subject to monitoring for chargeback fraud. We pay via PayPal with a minimum cash-out amount of $50 at this time. Members unable to accept PayPal Payments may use the funds to buy advertising and upgrades, or may in some cases be allowed a crypto alternative considered on a one-by-one basis.

Members found to be engaging in Unsolicited Electronic Marketing such as eMail, Comment, or Direct Message SPAM will be immediately banned and funds forfeited to cover our legal cost that may arise from this criminal act.

Members may not work with SPOUSE or minor Child in a stacking scheme. If found to have multiple family members residing in the same residence enrolled one under the other so as to earn excess commissions and rob your upline will be banned and cash forfeited.

We do prosecute thieves and cheaters. Other rules are listed in your member Terms of Service.



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