This is your Welcome and Getting Started page.

I want to thank you for joining our site where members can reach varying degrees of social promotion, personal and professional branding, and hard-core marketing. We have memberships ranging from a limited free membership with few features to get started, to full-on coaching packages offering every member 3-tier commissions up to nearly $200 per referral.

Steps to Getting Started

1. Fully Fill Out Your Profile with Real Name and Image - You are not two years old and nobody does business with fake people hiding behind cartoons and logos. Your real name and real image will endear you to other members and go a long way to building trust. It is also required to get VERIFIED Status added to your profile.

2. Choose the amount of promotion you want. Free members have the reach of an ant, paid memberships start as low as $10 per month and come with community-wide promotion helping you reach non-contacts and grow a community that is active.

3. Be a Social Butterfly - Not only does this help people find you and your content and promotions but it also pays cash through our Activity Points program which gives you $1 per 10,000 earned points. Free members can earn 100 points a day paid members can earn 1500 points a day. We have set things up this way to stop abuse before it starts.

4. Promote Like Hell: We pay 20% direct commissions, 15% Indirect, and 10% Tier 3. In all 45% of site revenue goes to referral commissions and even more goes to Activity Point Rewards.

Be sure to make use of the Training Forums and Affiliate DoJo Group to learn the ins and outs of social marketing, digital marketing, and sponsorship. That is if you are a Pro Member at any level.