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Due to a higher volume of surfing many less active members have run out of credits at https://4freete.com and need to surf during this bonus surf week. Credit assignments are needed for website views, banners, and text ads.

Thanks for all you do to make 4FREEte a great place for home business traffic.

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Looking at ways to fire up recruiting on both Mailer on Fire and 4FREEte.com this coming month. Early-year recruiting should be robust as this is the time of year those credit card bills from the Holidays start to hit and extra money is needed in droves. At 4FREEte we wish to remind everyone that all you need is 5 referrals to qualify for one of 3 drawn prizes of $10 plus 25 credits of each type per referral when we reach 1,000 members. We are over 20% there on our goal with 217 active members as of today 1-14-2024. In addition to the prizes, every referral could put cash in your pockets for credit purchases.

Join the fun at https://4freete.com

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Mailer on Fire is at 399 members and our 400th could join at any minute. I have issued a challenge this weekend. If we reach 425 members by Monday I will be sending every member of Mailer on Fire 500 of each credit type. Free members can mail up to 6 times daily or every 4 hours you just need the credits so it is important to read mailings and to send often. https://maileronfire.com

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Wow, somehow I got my calendar mixed up and thought our Love my Promos day for Mailer on Fire was not until Saturday and did not have the system script set up in time. Still I have everything in place now for next week and in a few minutes I will be sending members a 150 credit gift to say I'm Sorry.

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Celebrating Recruiting, we are now at 159 members and growing at 4FEEte with steady surfing and a lot of traffic being delivered. Mailer on Fire is screaming towards 400 members and getting more active by the day as old friends come back as well as new friends viewing your ads.


News and updates from our network traffic sites. Currently 4FREEte.com, Mailer on Fire, and MAP-TE with Satoshi Surf Launching Soon.

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