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Weekly Weigh-In Result: 319.2lbs Now having lost 7 pounds in a month. The walks have been tougher because of extreme heat but the diet and Lean 8 are still working wonders.

Bad habits come back in minor force a couple of days and I gained back 0.2 pounds to weigh in at 321.2 this past Tuesday. Just now getting to do the update.


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Tuesdays will now be progress report days on my weight logg journey and as stated on my about me page on https://paidhealthy.com/about-326lb-gorillas/ I started counting pounds about 2.5 weeks ago at 326.2 and am now 321.0 lbs for a loss of 5.2 pounds. In addition to taking my BioActive Multivitamin for Men and the Lean 8 supplement from LiveGood I have been taking daily 1/2 mile walks and hope to extend these walks soon.fat man walking

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