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When you are first getting started in any business, but especially the online/home based industry, you have to build your brand and reputation by proving VALUE TO THE MARKETPLACE .
So many people fail in our industry because they have the delusion (partly caused by a lot of HYPE) that they can just sign up for whatever business, spam people or blast their links all over. Facebook and magically the money will start pouring in and then it’s off to some private beach sipping on pina coladas all day.
That’s not how our industry works. In fact everyone who’s ever made it BIG in our industry will tell you that they had to put in the work of being a person of VALUE; being a person who’s worthy of following; worthy of being listened to; and worthy of joining and buying from.
This is really the key to not only having BIG success in the online/home based business... it’s the key to becoming the ATTRACTOR FACTOR where people automatically want to buy from you and join you in your business.
So many marketers put in so much time and energy into building sales funnels to get automatic sales and automatic sign ups in their business and yet either don’t know or forget WHY automated sales and sign ups happen in the first place.
You will get more incoming leads, more incoming sales and sign ups for your business once you’ve put in the work of building a great personal brand and reputation FIRST!
People do business with people that they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST. And you get people to know, like and trust you by the VALUE you produce.
Put in the work to become a person of integrity who puts people first in your marketing and in your business, and eventually, just like Les Brown said, you will start getting paid for things you didn’t do.
Instead of you chasing everyone around you and trying to sell them on what you have...your loyal fans and followers will be chasing you down and wanting to buy from you and join you in business
And how cool and how rewarding will it be when maybe your chilling on some beautiful white sandy beach sipping on a pina coloda and KA CHING...your phone is beeping like crazy with notifications of another sale, another new team member, another new client and so on!
All because you took the time and energy to first GIVE and not take.