The Truth About Affiliate Success

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This post has a free gift attached as well as a few truth bombs that will either make you run for the hills or jump right in as an affiliate marketer.

Today I want to talk for a moment about how powerful Blogging is to Affiliate Marketing.

A little-known fact is 95% of all affiliates fail, and of the 5% who succeed online a staggering 92% of them are using blogs to drive that success. The reason the numbers are what they are is that people looking to spend money online are seeking INFORMATION, about purchases they already plan to make and BLOGS are 100% in the business of informing people.

The failure rate though is high even among those who choose to get started in blogging. The learning curve is steep, investment can be required for up to 3 years before you are profitable enough to even consider this a potential full-time income, and the GURUs hide the fact you will likely not see that catalyst in income until you have 200-300 well-written posts in your niche.

My largest blog Project to date was a shining example, by the time I had 400 posts on before I lost it due to health challenges that took me offline nearly a year was generating over 1 million monthly page views. Back when it had 1 post it was more like 30 page views a week, and by the time I reached 100 page views it was still under 40K pages a month.

Getting momentum is the big secret.

There are a few things needed beyond well-written content. On is that you need to be publishing regularly, at least once per week, and you need certain Search Engine optimization skills such as knowing which articles pair well and cross-linking for authority. If you have a flat blog with no links to related content it will be hard to navigate for both humans and Google, and Google decides how many humans your blog is seen by.

While you are still learning you need to have content humans will love reading that links to other content on your site that is related to the interest that brought that Human visitor to the page in the first place. The more great content that is easy to find the more trust and authority are built and with that the BUY NOW and BUY HERE reactions begin to be triggered.

I'm going to be doing a lot more blogging on the subject of blogging here at Kiosk Social in the next few weeks but I promised you a free tool to get your blog-based affiliate empire going. Today an affiliate friend introduced me to a new plugin that is free to get started and gives you 1 well-written, well-researched, and well-linked article every week like clockwork for free.

The plugin is called Bloggomatic and it can take your keyword list which is something you can create in seconds with Google bard or Chat GPT and will take your long-tail search terms one by one and in minutes it will do all the research, find a related and high impact featured image, perform article layout and basic search optimization, then write a HUMAN Focused post your readers will love each week for free.

NOW.... I am not telling you about this because a free 52 articles a year will get you rich.

Bloggomatic has multiple paid upgrades that range from 2 articles a day, which can cut that magic sweet spot of 200-300 articles down to under a year all the way up to MEGA Content Provider 25 Articles A Day. without an upgrade, you will need to also write content of your own and use the free plugin as filler and writing examples to challenge you to become a better writer.

I'm focused on helping you learn those skills but I do make a 10% commission if you are impressed by the work done with Bloggomatic if you decide to make a purchase. This week i will be setting up a smample blog on a domain I will likely buy tomorrow night that will be written using the free version of the plugin along with my own posts sprinkled in. I will update the community to this development and look forward to testing this software together.

For now, grab your free Bloggomatic Plugin today.

NOTE I am affiliate 54 and the system is new on the market so don't be afraid that you heard it here first.


Andy Anderson 4 w

note: upon initial setup, the free version does not provide the before-mentioned image or interlinking, those are pro features. This first article though is really good and over 1,000 words long. I will be adding some preferred plugins and an image or more and will share the results later today.