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I have to admit I have not shared to this group as intended, but I also have seen no questions asked or advice given by members either. Sum of 5 is a meeting spot to find the 5 core connections in your life you will learn everything you need to prosper from. I say that from here forward we each aim to ask 1 question a week and give 2 answers or advice post each week. That way we all put in twice what we take away and grow exponentially for it.

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Joining a group mastermind is not enough to make it effective for you, your contribution is required.

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ATTN: Sum of 5 members, if you want the group to work for yopu the first thing to do is introduce yourself and then let's get some conversations started.

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Introductions: Who are you?

My name is Andy Anderson and I am a proud father of 7 and husband to wife Cary since Dec. 28th, 2000. Prior to moving into my own home-based online marketing business in 2004, I had 14 years of offline management mostly in Food Services and Retail. Since coming online my biggest project was a 9-year run as co-owner and CEO to the now defunct Kooiii Social Media Search which I left as a result of a nervous breakdown. I have seen nearly ever obstacle possible even being homeless at one point and hop to inspire others with my story and future success. Oh yeah, I am Owner/Admin here at Kiosk Social.


Jim Rohn says we are the direct product of the 5 people closest to ourselves and science has proven this true. The University of Chicago studied people with obese friends and showed that even eating habits come in groups. This Mastermind is about connecting with motivators and supporters.

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